pirula's story

pirula's story

Ylistaro's first liquor factory was built on the opposite side of the the Kyröjoki river from the church at the end of the 19th century. This did not please everyone in the village. The temperance society did not like the fact that an evil place such as a liquor factory was so close to the church, so they named the factory Pirula, which means “devil’s place” in Finnish language.

Despite the temperance society's opposition, the factory was a huge success. Tens of thousands of litres of drinks were made, even though the factory was burnt down once. Although no one admitted, it was probably known who was guilty of the fire. However, the factory had risen from the ashes.

It was said a pastor visited Pirula on his last journey, not by choice, but the horse pulling his coffin took the route it knew. The factory products were popular among the villagers and perhaps the pastor.

The local inns offered drinks to travelers, but soon it was also banned, a reason for the temperance society to celebrate. When the last two factory workers passed, the factory was left to their widows. The temperance society saw the opportunity and bought the factory to shut it down.

When the last drinks left the factory, the temperance society closed its doors permanently. Pirula was left in history to wait for the moment when it was time to return.

For a hundred years, the temperance society succeeded, but the spirit of Pirula never completely disappeared. In 2017, Pirula was reborn and alcoholic drinks were once again manufactured in Ylistaro. Exceptional drinks are now manufactured in the same area with the same Ylistaro spirit as was done a hundred years ago.