Alcohol has been produced in the village of Ylistaro, in Seinäjoki, since the 19th centry.

The first brewery was built in the village in 1879. The brewery was built on Tuokkola’s farm, which was located on the southside of the river Kyrönjoki. The local temperance movement targeted the brewery and named it “Pirula”- (The devil’s/demon’s place).

Because the brewery was on the other side of the river from the church of Ylistaro, it was said that “it’s a good thing it’s on the other side as it wouldn’t have suited on the church side”.

The brewery was successful and tens of thousands of litres of alcohol were produced. The temperance movement weren’t too happy about this and it just so happened that in 1889 the brewery was burned down to the ground, from an unknown cause.

The story doesn’t end there however. Pirula, founded in 2017, is now continuing the story in it’s own way, whilst respecting traditions.


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